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DISTANCE LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES IN THE UNIVERSITY OF TRANSPORT COMMUNICATIONS 1. State recognized degree; 2. Training is conducted on the free (good for you) schedule; 3. Ability to communicate with teachers and fellow students: e-mail, chat, forum; 4. All you need is a computer and the Internet; 5. Facilitated procedure of working with the administrative authorities of the university; 6. Using new user-friendly "Platon" system of distance learning and credit technology. 7. Using Stellus programs. Distance educational technologies are technologies of training carried out with the use of information and telecommunication means indirectly (at a distance) or not fully directly interaction between student and teaching staff. The educational process is implemented on the basis of remote interaction of the teacher and the student, regardless of location or time of training using information and communication technologies. All students enrolled in the 1st year for DET should get username and password in the department of distance education. After receiving the login and password, on the site the student can learn training schedule, electronic resources. All students on the DET have their own virtual "My Account" , at any time have access to lectures and other teaching materials of teaching staff of the University, can get curriculum, individual training plans, create their path of training, to get any background information, schedules of on-line training and exams. The organization of educational process The basis of the educational process is a curriculum of specialty, approved by the President of D A Kunaev GUT&T. On the basis of curriculum at the end of each school year with the help of advisors the students draw up an individual academic plan, which is approved by the Dean of the Faculty of DET. At the departments for each student or group of students on the basis of the curricula individual schedules indicating the time spent in performing the required forms of academic activity and assessment are drawn up. In the University training on distance learning technologies are organized in the form of television lectures, video lectures, virtual laboratory practical works with texts in electronic form. Self-employment of students involves activity with educational-methodical and educational literature, computer disks, distance courses on the university website, as well as work in the electronic library of the University. Consultations with the DET are conducted under the guidance of tutors through the University website through information and communication technologies. For the organization of the DET University teaching staff developed electronic educational-methodical complexes on disciplines. Electronic educational and methodical complex of discipline include mandatory and optional kits. Mandatory kit consists of: - Model curriculum; - Syllabus; - Electronic lecture notes developed by teaching staff of the University; - Materials of seminars and practical classes; - Laboratory practical activities (tasks, examples, guidelines); - Tasks for SSGW and SSGWT; - Test items; - Exam questions for each discipline; - Schedules of assessment. Distance educational technologies are provided with additional packages: - Computer programs, multi-media software for teaching; Reference and methodical materials; - Search system that allows you to organize knowledge in the preparation to assessment and term papers and essays, a glossary with consolidation and assessment of the material studied. Exams are the stage of the discipline mastering and are intended to test students knowledge on the theory and ability to apply skills acquired in solving practical problems, and taking into account the specifics of distance learning technologies, especially the skills of independent work with educational and scientific literature. Students take session twice a year. In the same period, for a form of training for distance learning technologies training sessions are held in specially equipped computer labs.

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