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The int. cooperation

Kazakh University of Railways (KUPS) in the field of training highly qualified specialists and scientific activities has international relations with more than 20 universities and organizations from near and far abroad. In the framework of inter-university agreements, KUPS cooperates with universities in Germany, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries. An agreement on creative cooperation for the training of specialists and scientific personnel was concluded with Moscow University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), St. Petersburg University of Railway Engineering (LIIZhT), Siberian State University of Railway Engineering (SGUPS), Siberian State Automobile and Highway Academy (SibADI), Rostov State University of Railway Engineering (RSTU), Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers (TashIIT), Kyrgyz State University of Civil Engineering, Transport That and architecture (KSUST), Moscow State Technical University. Bauman (MVTU), Moscow Intersectoral University of Advanced Studies (MIPK), St. Petersburg State Telecommunications University named after Bonch-Bruevich.

The signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the CoPS and St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications named after Bonch-Bruevich. St. Petersburg, Russia

Signing of a memorandum of cooperation between KUPS and FSBEI "UMTS ZhDT" Moscow, Russia 

In recent years, the university has signed documents on mutual understanding and cooperation in the field of science and education:

Memorandum with the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Vildau (Germany).
Agreement with FATIH University (Turkey).

Meeting at MSTU named after E. Bauman, Moscow, Russia

The University has close cooperation with organizations for the implementation of international educational programs USAID (higher education issues of the US Agency), DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), CHE (Center for the Development of Higher Education, Germany), EdNet educational network, CARANA Corporation.

Kazakh University of Railways is an official partner in the implementation of international projects of the Central Transport Railway Europe-Caucasus-Asia (TRACECA) and Intelligent Transport Systems (SSP Consult), which is being implemented on the Astana-Schuchinsk highway section. Currently, the results of these projects are being introduced into the educational process in the form of international educational programs.

In connection with obtaining a license to conduct educational activities in 4 specialties of doctoral studies, the issue of inviting leading scientists and specialists from foreign universities to give lectures and conduct joint scientific research became particularly relevant. At the beginning of the current academic year, a schedule of visits by foreign professors was prepared to give lectures and conduct scientific consultations for doctoral students. Over the past 2 years, the university was visited by: Doctor of Ecology, Professor of the Higher European School of Management Christian Nischon, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Khromova G.A. (TashIIT), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor S. Totashevich (SPGUT), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor G. Schepotin (NISI), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Karpushchenko N.I. (NIIZhT), candidate of technical sciences, professor Vasiliev S.P., candidate of technical sciences, professor Nynzhosdrov R. (MVTU named after Bauman), doctor of technical sciences, professor Tsernont A.A. (TsNIIS), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor V. Gritsyk (RGUPS), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor A. Abduzhabarov (KGUSTA) and others.

International meeting in Moscow, Russia

The Department of International Cooperation is gradually interacting with international organizations and foundations: ACCELS, IREX, Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan, CARANA, EdNet and others. University teachers participate via the Internet in the Basic Internet Shills programs on the basis of the international research and exchange agency IREX “Enhanced Access and Internet Learning (IATP),” administered by the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX).



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