About Bachelor

About Bachelor program

Graduates of institutions of secondary education of the current year, who have passed  national unified test and participants of complex testing, scored on the test results not less than 50 points in the following subjects: Kazakh or Russian language (language of instruction), history of Kazakhstan, mathematics and subject of choice, including not less than 7 points in a profile subject, and in other subjects - at least 4 points are admitted in KUWC.


Educational program



Code and name of training areas

Code and name of educational program groups

Code and name of educational programs


6В041 - Business and management

В044 –The management and control of

В044(5В050600)- Economy


В045 – Audit and taxation

В045 (5В050800) – Accounting and audit


В046 – Finance, Economics, banking and insurance

В046(5В050900) – Finance


6В042 – Right

В049 –Right

В049(5В030400) – Customs matter


6В061 – Information and communication technologies

В057 – Information technology

В057(5В070300) – Information system


6В062 – Telecommunications

В059 – Communications and communication technologies

В059(5В071900) –Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications


6В071 –Engineering and engineering


В064 – Mechanics and Metalworking

В064(5В071200) – Engineering


В065 – Motor vehicle

В065(5В071300) – Transport, transport equipment and technologies


В062 – Electrical engineering and power engineering

В062(5В071800) – Electroenergetics


В063 – Electrical engineering and automation

В063(5В070200) – Automation and management


6В073 – Architecture and construction

В074 – Urban planning, construction and civil engineering

В074(5В072900) – Construction


В074 – Urban planning, construction and civil engineering

В074(5В074500)– Transport construction


6В075 – Standardization, certification and metrology

В076 – Standardization, certification and Metrology

В076(5В073200) – Standardization and certification


6В113 – Transport service

В095 – Transport service

В095(5В090100) –Organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport


В095 – Transport service

В095(5В090900) – Logistics



Deadlines for receiving documents for admission to the CLCC:

- for basic comprehensive testing (CT) - from June 1 to June 20;
- for repeated comprehensive testing (CT) - from July 25 to August 3; from December 10 to December 20;
- to the magistracy and PhD doctoral studies - from July 3 to July 30.
- to participate in the competition for the award of state educational grants - from July 18 to 26;
- enrollment in the number of students (in order) in all forms of education from August 10 to 25, in the magistracy and PhD doctoral studies - until August 25.

DOCUMENTS necessary for participation in complex testing:

- application on a special form;
- certificate or diploma with the application (original);
- two photographs 3x4 in size - 2 pcs;
- A copy of an identity document;
- medical certificate of the form - 086U with a fluorographic image,
  form - 063 (information about vaccinations);
- copy of registration certificate (for guys).
- receipt of payment for passing comprehensive testing (Halyk Bank or Kazpost);
Foreign citizens additionally submit documents translated into the state or Russian language:

1) a notarized copy of an identity document - 2 pcs);
2) certificate of nostrification of documents on education (if any);
3) a notarized copy of the certificate or diploma with the attachment-2 pcs;
4) a certificate from schools;
5) those who have higher education or a college diploma provide a copy of the educational institution’s license for educational activities or a copy of the accreditation certificate.
 To participate in the competition for state educational grants from July 18 to 26, the following documents are accepted: application on a special form; certificate or diploma with an attachment (original); state certificate for passing UNT or CT; copy of an identity document. To participate in the competition and for training on a fee-contract basis, a threshold score of at least 50 points is taken into account, and for each subject there must be at least 5 points.


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